Nonprofit organization, Permanently Affordable Living Kaua’i (PAL-Kaua’i), founded by Harvest and Jim Edmonds, aims to construct 5,000 affordable homes on Kaua’i.

Owners of Emerald Isle Properties, the Edmonds couple (both realtors) grew in concerned at the skyrocketing prices in Kauai’s’s housing market, which led them to establish the nonprofit.

Jim Edmonds was compelled to address the housing crisis after witnessing the difficulties his children faced in finding affordable homes on the island. The organization’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with Kaua’i Habitat for Humanity and other affordable housing developers to create walk-to-work communities featuring 5,000 truly affordable homes.

Kaua’i Habitat for Humanity’s executive director, Stephen Spears, expresses optimism about a potential partnership, as they currently have an average home cost of $235,000 in the ‘Ele’ele area, with approximately 2,700 families seeking affordable housing solutions.

PAL-Kaua’i aims to combat the limited housing options and high prices that have greatly affected the island’s multi-generational residents, who struggle to compete financially with newcomers. Through their work, the Edmonds couple hopes to provide permanent affordability and secure futures for the next generation of Kaua’i residents, aiding in alleviating some of the housing concerns on the Garden Isle.