Aloha, its time again celebrate Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage at the Merrie Monarch Festival this April 9–15, 2023. The official website has all the info you’ll need:

This epic event reminds us embrace Hawaii’s cultural roots so grab your slippas, bring your ohana, and embrace everything hula!

The Merrie Monarch Festival is the ultimate platform for our local hālau hula to shine. Our very own dancers from across the islands come together to showcase their skills, passion, and love for hula. It’s a celebration of our homegrown talent, and watching our fellow Hawaiians perform with such grace and precision will fill you with pride.

Reviving the Ancient with Hula through mesmerizing its chants, traditional instruments, and authentic costumes, we all are transported back to a time when hula was an essential part of our ancestors’ lives. It’s a beautiful way to honor our roots and keep the ancient traditions alive for generations to come.

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a reflection of the aloha spirit that resides within us. It’s a time to come together, support one another, celebrate what makes us uniquely Hawaiian and remember the warmth of our people, the sense of ohana, and the joy that radiates throughout the festival grounds. It’s another chance to connect with our culture, make new friends, and deepen our appreciation for the place we call home.